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How to Decide If You are a Suitable Candidate for Laser Vein Removal?

In order to do laser treatment for your veins, a very strong light bursts are directed on to the unwanted veins and on your face or body which cause the vein to gradually fade and finally disappear.

Lasers beams are very accurate and direct, it only affects those areas which are to be treated, and also, they are a safe treatment. However, you must also understand that not all types of skin and colours will be suitable for safe treatment with lasers.

To assess the suitability to enlever une varice (English Meaning is removing a varicose) a qualified doctor for cosmetic surgery must be consulted. Usually, the treatment is very quick and is almost like a sensation as if you are flicked with elastic band.

Other alternatives of this treatment can be micro-sclerotherapy, sclerotherapy and microwave treatment.

Am I a suitable candidate for this laser vein removal?

The spider veins are common development due to sun damage or from aging or few people is genetically having some problem.

  • Few medical conditions can also promote development of such thread veins
  • Certain habits e.g. drinking alcohol and smoking can also worsen the development of fine veins.
  • Sun or changing temperatures also can make your spider veins to appear more prominent.

In case, you are not happy with such varicose veins or spider veins appearance on your legs, then you may be suitable candidate for this laser treatment.

However, before you decide to undergo this type of cosmetic procedure then you should:

  • Be in good emotional and physical health
  • Must have realistic expectations about laser treatment meant for veins

However, there are few people who may not be suitable candidate for this laser treatment meant for veins. This may include:

  • Those who are very sensitive to light because of hereditary disease
  • Patients who get seizures when triggered by light
  • People with very dark skin, who may develop hypopigmentation
  • People who have tanned within the last 4 to 6 weeks. For pale skins, laser treatment meant for veins will work best
  • Patients having large veins
  • Patient with broken skin in those areas which is to be treated
  • People having blood clotting disorders
  • People who is having insulin-dependent diabetes
  • Those patients having a tendency of keloid scarring
  • Women who are pregnant

Before you undergo laser treatment of your veins you must discuss about your medical history, your present medications and also your expectations with your doctor to make sure that you can be suitable candidate to get the laser treatment.

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