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Options for CBD and Hemp Oil Packaging – Grow Your Business with Right Packaging

CBD and Hemp oil are extracted with all kinds of Cannabis seeds and has unlimited applications. Some of these applications need few drops of oil while others need larger quantities as well. When you are planning for packaging you have to keep in mind all the packaging options you need to have to address the needs of a wide variety of customers.

The packaging will be categorized into two main categories.

Inner Packaging

Inner packaging holds the oil. It is usually in shape of a bottle small or big to hold the oil. The only important feature of these bottles is to have leak-proof cap which should be used for transportation. Here is a list of inner packaging options you have to make sure your customers are happy when they use your oil.

Bottles with Droppers

We can have a small packaging with a dropper for customers who wish to use the oil in small quantities. The dropper helps them save loss of even a single drop of oil. This packaging comes with an additional cost of dropper thus increasing your packaging cost. However, if you are selling to premium customers, this additional cost won’t stop you from choosing it. The packaging looks very impressive with a dropper.

Bottles with drip Cap

There are bottles with a small hole on the top for dripping the oil while the cap has a pointed placeholder for the whole to make sure that oil never comes out of the hole when the cap is closed. This is not as efficient as the dropper but still prevents oil from getting spilt in case of a fall. This is a low-cost alternative to the droppers and is used for packaging oils by Refine Packaging.

Bottles with Nozzles

Nozzle capped bottles offer oil in much larger quantities while protecting it from spilling. This is the best alternate for larger packaging sizes where we expect our customers to either refill smaller bottles and save money or use it extensively in large quantities.

Outer Packaging

Outer packaging helps you protect your bottle from getting damaged during transportation. You should make sure to pack the bottle tightly to ensure they don’t break during transportation.

Single Product

A strong carton can be used to make the outer packaging of the glass bottle. You can use bubble wrap to pack the bottle further when shipping it through your courier partner for delivery.

Multi-Product Packaging

Multi-product packaging saves money on both sides, customers get discount for multiple purchases on one go and you get savings on marketing. Multi-product packaging allows you to attract more customers at malls and lets you offer better prices to customers while increasing your margin at the same time.

CBD oils are costly, your customers should get them in their original shape without any leak and should have an option to take out the right amount of oil as they need for their work. The right choice of inner and outer packs helps you ensure great customer satisfaction.

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