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Things You Must Know About the Refractive Errors

It is really important to take care of your vision and if you find any problem you must visit a doctor as soon as possible to get it corrected. If you think that you are facing problem in doing your normal work that needs the help of your eyes like while reading, working on a computer or driving then you must think of visiting an eye doctor. The refractive errors are the main reason for you to visit a doctor.

You need to consider a professional doctor so that you can get your vision corrected. There are many doctors but you can find one near you by visiting online so that in case of an emergency he can visit you or you can easily visit him. In Houston, you can definitely see many optometrists that can help you get rid of the refractive errors. For best eye doctors Houston you can prefer Memorial eye as they have one of the professional eye doctors who can solve your problem and correct your vision.

How the Eyes See?

The optical system of the eyes works on reflection and refraction. When the light rays that reflect from the source pass through our eyes it gets refracted to a sharp object of the surface that enables us to see the object. The retina is part of the optical system of the eye that is responsible to capture the image and store it.

Retina is just like a tissue which is at the back of the eyes. The pupil is responsible for the exposure of the light that is needed to see the objects. In darker environment, the pupils get broader while in light they contract.

Refractive Errors

  • If the length of your eyeball is longer than the normal then the light will be focused at a point and then reach retina causing myopia also known as nearsightedness. If the eyeball is too short light will not be focused on time even if it reaches the retina causing farsightedness and you will not be able to see nearby objects.
  • Another error is if the shape of your cornea is not perfect which means if it is not in spherical shape then it can cause irregular reflection of the object and this condition will create vision error.

These are some types of vision errors in which you must see an optometrist.

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