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Old Style Aloe Rid – Detox Shampoos for Hair Test: How Drug Test Work

There are a lot of different types of methods to detect drug components in our body, and one of the most difficult to pass is drug testing using hair follicle as the sample. It retains drug components the longest among all the testing methods.

People are asked by the company they are applying in to take a drug test as part of the requirements for the job interview, but traditionally, this kind of testing is usually used in the criminal justice system. Follicle test or hair drug testing is very tough to cheat and impossible to fake.

It makes them the go-to testing method on the market today. Not only that, the follicle tests can demonstrate a history of substance abuse, and it will only take more or less three days to get the results. It makes one of the scariest tests, even for people who have never used any legal or illegal substance.


To make sure that you get the result that you wanted, you can use detoxifying shampoos like aloe rid detox shampoo to remove any free radicals or drug components in your hair follicle.

What can you find in the hair follicle drug test?

A hair follicle drug testing can detect drug components in our body for up to twelve weeks and can also be used to reveal multiple uses. The reason for this is because when you use legal or illegal drugs they go to your hair follicles via your bloodstream, and each follicle grows out into the hair shaft.

It means that, if you are a regular drug user, specific parts of the hair will contain traces of drug components. This kind of test can detect different kinds of drugs like heroin, cocaine, barbiturates, PSP, LSD, nicotine, marijuana, or even alcohol. Drug components can stay in your hail for at least three months up to one year.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, an ingredient found in marijuana, will remain in the hair follicle until you cut it. With that being said, the drug test is only considered reliable for up to three months or ninety days only.

For information and statistics on drug abuse in the workplace, click here.

How is this test performed?

When you are subjected to a follicle drug analysis, you will need to report to a clinic that specializes in that kind of analysis or you will need to go to a law enforcement building where an expert will remove an inch to an inch and a half hair sample. They will remove several hair strands and will need to cut close to the base of your skull to make sure that they will get the best sample as possible.

The typical length is one-and-a-half-inch because the hair growth is one-and-a-half-inch per month. The drug analysis is only considered as valid if done within three months after the drug was ingested, it is the amount and the length of hair that corresponds to the three-month window. The sample will then be sent to an accredited laboratory for processing, and the result will usually be returned after three days.


This tip may not always work, but the person undergoing the test can watch the laboratory technician handle their sample and ask them to dispose of any hair that is beyond one-and-a-half-inch sample that is necessary for an accurate result. It will ensure that any use of illegal or legal substance before the three-month window can’t be detected

How can you beat an almost unbeatable drug test?

As we have stated above, follicle drug testing is very difficult to cheat and impossible to fake. But luckily, there are certain kinds of shampoo products that specializes in removing drug components in your hair and help people pass the test. The simplest way to get a negative result is to avoid using banned substances for at least ninety days.Formore information about THC, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrahydrocannabinol.

 A lot of people will recommend a more extended period of abstinence just to be perfectly safe. But abstinence is not an option if the individual if the drug examination is done without any warning or for people who must take it as a requirement for employment.

Shampoos like old style Aloe Rid Detox can help you passed the exam because they will get rid of any drug components or free radicals that are building up in your head. Your next option is to cut or shave everything that grows on your head. But that would mean you will cut or shave the thing that you have been grooming for many years. If you are using detox shampoos, you need to use it multiple times before the scheduled test to get the best result possible.

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