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Have Sleep Apnea? You May Need A Visit With The Dentist!

Oral health is often related to dental disorders. If you are struggling with sleep or have an excessive snoring problem, it may be related to sleep apnea, and it could be in-turn related to dental problems. Not all dentists understand or offer treatment for sleep apnea caused by dental issues, but you may have to find a sleep disorder dentist for further help. Understanding sleep apnea is particularly important. This basically refers to a condition when a person is unable to sleep properly because of interruptions in breathing. If the pauses are too frequent, the patient can have serious insomnia or other issues, such as snoring.

Visiting a dentist

Bruxism, also known commonly as tooth grinding, can be a reason for sleep apnea. Your dentist will check if any tooth has signs of grinding and wear out. Other notable signs include inflammation of the gums and cavities. When someone grinds teeth, the brain wakes up, so as to allow easy breathing. People with a small jaw or tongue may also suffer from sleep apnea. Since sleep apnea is related to heart diseases and other health conditions, you should see a dentist to know if it is related to an oral disease or underlying condition.

The experience

Your dentist may recommend a night guard that can prevent grinding, but do your homework, because the customized ones are always better. Besides helping with sleep apnea, these guards can also reduce cavities, headaches, and pain in the jaw. Tooth grinding and sleep apnea can together lead to more serious periodontal conditions, so ask your dentist if there are any additional treatments you can consider. Chronic snoring is often considered to be the first sign of sleep apnea, so talk to your dentist first. You may feel sleepy during the day, or may wake up with a dry mouth, which are signs of not sleeping well and adequate at night.

Finding a dental clinic

As we mentioned earlier, not all dental clinics focus on sleep apnea problems, so check online. The first appointment with your dentist is critical, because they can help you find more about the possible causes. It is also necessary to discuss all other health problems with your dentist. Since the first appointment doesn’t cost a bomb, you can always decide about the treatments later.

Do not ignore the signs of sleep apnea – talk to your dentist today to find the possible oral health causes.

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