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All About Spa & Wellness: Massages, Treatments, Etiquettes And Beyond!

The number of spas and wellness centers around the world has exploded in the last decade. This is a clear indicator that more people are ready to pay for wellness and all services related to it. If you have never visited a spa, it’s not late. In fact, spa treatments can benefit adults of all ages, and there are treatments even for pregnant women at spas like www.stromspa.com. In this post, we are discussing everything you need to know about massages, treatments and spa etiquettes.

Which massage is the best?

There’s no single answer for that. Some people prefer dry massages, which is why they prefer Thai Spa, while most others enjoy oil massages, such as Swedish massage or Balinese spa. It really depends on your preference, but if this is your first experience, we recommend that you go for a Swedish massage that’s gentle and yet relaxing and satisfying.

Consider an add-on treatment

Some spas do offer add-on skin treatments, such as body scrubbing and thermal experience. The latter, which is also called thermotherapy, is a pretty known wellness ritual, where you have to enjoy hot sauna for 15 minutes, followed by a dip in ice-cold water right after. This kind of temperature shock not only relaxes the muscles, but also improves cardiovascular health and immune system. Make sure that you have enough time on the day to enjoy all of it together.

Follow the basic etiquettes

Always avoid being late for your appointment, because chances are high that the next slot is already booked and you may have to settle for less. People come to spas and wellness centers to relax and unwind, so do not disturb anyone, even if you are sharing the room. Your phone should be on a silent mode and in any case, you should avoid using your phone too much, because you are there to de-stress and enjoy the ambience. It is also important to bring a change of clothes along, and make sure that you are appropriately dressed.

Bottom line

If you visit the right spa, we promise that you will think of a second appointment soon. It is always better than you book your appointment in advance, because most of the spas only offer spot bookings if they have the slot. Secondly, don’t shy away from asking questions, especially if you are not sure of the services and packages on offer.

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