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Engage Yourself In Stanbridge’s Degree Of Physical Therapist Assistant

Ever thought of getting a Physical Therapist Assistant degree from a good university, but you cannot find one. Well, no need to find it in Google and check individual universities ranking and then find the right one for you because, in this article, you will know why you should enroll yourself in this University that you will know later.

About the University:

  • This University promises to provide a hands-on experience for all of its students who wanted to engage themselves in helping in the rehabilitation center.
  • These programs are currently available in Orange County and Los Angeles.
  • In 2019, they reported a 96.7% PTA pass rate in their Orange County Campus.
  • They also provide you virtual assistance, subjects of telemedicine, and also synthetic cadavers.
  • They also are quite experienced and have a good range of faculties who are well-experienced in this industry.

So, Stanbridge University is the one about which all the above points are related to. This University is certified by the CAPTE, i.e., Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

This degree is the best opportunity for all of those people who tend to help people to stand again in their life, who carry that urge in themselves to assist the injured sportsperson to get back on their feet and the field as well. Or to help out the people who were the victims of stroke and cheering them up and encouraging them to walk again with their feet.

 Steps towards Your Degree:

  • From the first term itself, you will be getting online mentorship as well as reviews on the subjects that you will have for the term.
  • You will also be getting practice tests that would help you build up your confidence.
  • You can also join various clubs according to your preferences and help out in that sector.
  • This course allows you to inherit practical knowledge, which means you will be subjected to certain patients alongside an expert who can guide you, and hence you can help those patients out from the beginning of your career.

For a good experience, the campus is open for a tour. You can visit them personally, ask for the campus tour and classrooms, labs, etc., that would allow you to have a wholesome idea of the campus and its environment. They also provide financial aid when you ask for it and know it in detail if required.

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