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What You Can Do to Help Relieve Your Heel Spur Pain

When it comes to constant foot pain, having to deal with the agony on a constant basis can quickly become overwhelming. However, while foot pain is a major concern for a number of people around the world, there are too many who still try and suffer through rather than looking for simple solutions that could easily offer them the relief they need. Unlike many medical issues, a wide range of podiatric issues can actually be resolved by a few simple changes made to your day to day routine. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind that could help you find the relief from constant pain that you’ve been dreaming of.

Rest as Much as You Can

When it comes to issues such as a heel spur, one of the most important steps that you can take to get yourself feeling better again will be rest and relaxation. This particular condition is brought on by a number of different factors including incorrect gait, standing on hard floors for hours at a time, or even running on hard surfaces. While staying physically fit is also incredibly important for your health, taking a bit of time to allow your foot to heal will help to avoid the aggravation of an already inflamed area.

Simple Exercises

Another important step that you can take to relieve your heel pain will be to do a few simple exercises every day. These will include easy calf stretches, a light towel stretch, and even ball rolling. This particular exercise is incredibly helpful as you will be placing a tennis ball or a golf ball underneath your foot and roll it back and forth along your heel and the ball of your foot. This helps to make the ligaments under your foot more flexible and can help dramatically with the pain. First, try doing this exercise while sitting comfortably in a chair. If you can do this without experiencing any pain, you can then move on to trying it while standing which can add a bit more pressure.

The Right Shoes

The shoes you wear can play a huge role in the pain you end up suffering from in the long run. If you’re someone who preferred style over comfort all your life, you may be paying the price right now. However, by making a few simple changes such as investing in some new, orthotic shoes or even just orthotic insoles, you can end up feeling relief from pain almost instantly. These shoes are designed to help relieve pressure and realign your gait so that you can get back to walking the way you always should have been.

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