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Trying Cannabis Edibles For The First Time? Check These Tips!

The cannabis plant is a mystery to many. We all know that the plant contains as many as 113 compounds, all of which are collectively called cannabinoids. Of all these compounds, THC and CBD remain the most important ones. THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis, which causes the high that we all know about, while CBD is known for many health benefits, a number of them being backed by research. If you are in mod to try cannabis, edibles are a good alterative to vaping. As the name suggests, edibles are consumable, so you can enjoy the effects desired easily. From THC gummies to cookies, candies, chocolates, brownies and more, there are choices for everyone. In this post, we are discussing everything you must know about CBD and THC-based edibles.

Types of edibles

Regardless of the edible item, cannabis products can be classified into four segments – Indica only, Sativa Only, CBD and hybrid. Indica is the more relaxing cannabis strain, and it works perfectly fine for most people who want to just be a couch potato on a weekend. Sativa strain is better for that more uplifting high. When you are in a good mood, you want to go for sativa. Hybrid strains offer a more mixed experience. That said, CBD edibles may or may not have any traces of THC, so these don’t cause the same kind of effect and are more ideal for other health benefits.

The dosage at a glance

Anyone who is just starting with THC should go for beginner range of products that most brands have, and these edibles don’t have more than 2mg THC. The dosage of CBD may vary from one product to another. There are also other edibles that contain as much as 10 mg THC, which are ideal for anyone who is experienced with basic cannabis. Of course, those who are looking for potent dosing can go for 50 mg THC, which can be found in certain gummies and candies. It all really depends on your own personal experience.

When it comes to cannabis edibles, do not go for cheap products, and make sure that you shop online for the maximum number of choices. Also, find a brand that’s reliable, transparent and maintains manufacturing standards, quality matters more than anything else. Check for stores online and find more on the products that can be stocked for a longer time, so that you can use as desired.

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