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The best CBD gummies and how they could help with anxiety

You’re in luck if you reside in Seattle as you could easily have access to CBD gummies once you walk into any established Seattle dispensary. CBD infused gummies have been claimed to help reduce tension and stress. The modern person rarely ever achieves work life balance as a result of the increased demands and the ever-blurring line between work time and off hours. In recent times, there has been an exponential increase in cases of stressed-out individuals who eventually ended up developing chronic conditions afterwards.

It is therefore inevitable that the modern man finds new ways to help him/her cope with restlessness and feelings of uncertainty that have been imposed on him. Enter CBD gummies. These are like regular gummies but with a little more personality. This attribute termed personality can be described as an infusion of a certain amount of cannabidiol oil. Like regular gummies, they maintain the qualities of being portable and available in a variety of colors, shapes, flavors and concentrations, making them an extremely easy and super fun measure to deal with feelings of unease.

Right here in this article, our aim is to help you discover the best gummies available and allow you to tap into the abundance that there is and make your work easy. If you’re seeking for overall health and wellness within this sphere, our advice to you is to keep on reading. We have done all the heavy lifting so that you won’t have to. We share all the information that we believe is important to help you make an informed decision.

We have already established that CBD gummies are therapeutic and have amazing benefits that will go a long way in helping an individual experiencing a feeling of distress to feel calm and relaxed. In order to fully understand the buzz that has been created around CBD gummies, then it is important that we understand the benefits that have been claimed to be achieved through the use of cannabidiol.

  1. Helps to get rid of feelings of apprehension and restores calm and relaxation to the affected individual.
  2. Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  3. Helps with pain and inflammation.
  4. Helps attain restful sleep.

CBD Gummies Dispensary Checklist

Below is a checklist of factors that we considered as we put together this list, that we strongly believed are the determining factors whilst deciding on what CBD gummy you think is best suited for you.

Source of Hemp Extract

The source greatly determines if the set quality standards that have been set are actually attained. Local sourced hemp (within American farms) is more likely to be of a higher standard than that which is sourced from other areas as there is no verifiable way to ascertain that the farmers adhered to any set standard.


CBD on its own is known to have a wide variety of benefits, however pairing it with other natural ingredients that can potentially enhance its capabilities is an important factor that any consumer should look out for while effectively sourcing for the gummies in any reputable dispensary.


In essence, here the question that you should ask yourself is the level of potency of CBD in the gummies and what is your desired end result and how much potency of CBD do you require to achieve your coveted end result.


One of the most amazing things about CBD gummies is that they allow the consumer to experience the full range of benefits that come with Cannabidiol without being subjected to the strong bitter taste that couples it. Great, achieving a great flavor is one thing, but as a consumer, your goal is to ensure that the flavor is derived from naturally occurring substances so as to deliver the full experience for you.

Variety of CBD in Use

CBD comes in three main forms: Full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolates. To break it down further, these different varieties offer different ranges of experiences. To achieve the full effect, it would be advisable to select a brand that incorporates the full spectrum as this contains all the plant nutrients and minerals, including some traceable amounts of THC. In this first instance, the therapeutic effects are greatly magnified and a consumer derives greater benefits.

To achieve a less elevated but equally uplifting experience, a consumer could decide to go with the option that selects to use broad spectrum CBD. This type has all the plant’s nutrients and minerals but excludes THC.

Isolates, borrowed from the name itself and this variety only has pure CBD oil, in essence, it has isolated the oil and is the only derivative in use and is free of all the other substances.

Third Party Lab-Analysis

An independent report delivered by a reputable third party that has no known affiliations with the brand of CBD gummies which it is reporting on, is a sure-fire way of verifying the legitimacy of the content of the gummies that a consumer will be engaging with. A company that cares about both people and profit will make it a priority to ensure that consistent analysis and testing of its products is carried out periodically and that there are reports produced to the public so as to attest the legitimacy of its intent to leave positive lasting effects to all the individuals that believe in the properties of what they produce.

Company Reviews

It is said that only a fool ignores news derived from grapevines only to discover too late that it was a precursor to what was to happen. In this day and age of technology and interconnectivity, reviews left online by various buyers are what guides another buyer in deciding whether they want to engage with a particular company or not. The reviews are what are used to assess the reputation of a company and its commitment to all that it has set out to achieve. All companies worth their salt should understand that it is of paramount importance that they safe guard the image of their company by finding out the matters that bring their customers misery and immediately solving those issues to ensure that their companies are associated only with positive experiences. 

Top CBD gummies to look out for in a Dispensary near me

When embarking on this process, these are the brands that I always look out for in a dispensary near me.

Ashwagandha Budpop Gummies

This particular brand of gummies has combined the effectiveness of Ashwagandha and CBD to achieve the ultimate effect of increasing energy, focus and promoting calmness for the consumer. Ashwagandha has been used for thousands of years and is recognized for its benefits with stress management.

These gummies are vegan friendly, have undergone third party lab testing, have been made in the USA and therefore have an assurance of high-quality standards met. They come in mixed berry flavor with each gummy bearing 25mg of CBD and 150mg of Ashwagandha to achieve the maximum chill effect. A single bottle contains 30 gummies, and one can consume one or two gummies every 6 hours seeing that its custom-made combination delivers a high potency.


FabCBD contains Colorado grown hemp verified from a third-party lab analysis. Rather than infusing the CBD, these gummies are coated with it to enhance faster absorption directly from the mouth and therefore it is recommended that you chew them for a while.

They contain 25mg of CBD, are THC free and are made from all natural ingredients that encompass organic cane sugar, organic concentrated apple, organic carrot and organic black currant. The gummies are fruit flavored as well. It is recommended that you take 1-2 gummies as needed after consulting with your doctor on the best recommended dosage.

Cheef Botanicals

These gummies are made incorporating the full spectrum CBD without THC so you know that you are guaranteed of experiencing the entourage effect. These gummies have taken into consideration that everyone is on a different level on the CBD journey and have thus created different ranges to cater to different individuals with varying potency levels.

They have:

  • 300mg selection provides 10 milligrams of CBD in each gummy (low potency).
  • 750mg option provides 25 milligrams of CBD in each gummy (mild potency).
  • 1500mg selection provides 50 milligrams of CBD in each gummy (medium potency).
  • 3000mg option provides 100 milligrams of CBD in each gummy (strong potency).

To help an individual assess their correct dosage, they have a CBD dosing chart that works as a reliable guide.

The gummies are animal cruelty free made, gluten and dairy free, great for vegans, organic with 100% natural ingredients. They are also third party tested and verified and made 100% in the USA therefore quality standards guaranteed.

Medterra CBD

Medterra prides itself in its recognition as being affordable and still maintaining production of quality gummies for consumers. They contain zero THC in them but have an infusion of an extra amino acid to enhance the calming and relaxing effects being sought. Each gummy contains 25mg of CBD and 50mg of L-theanine which assist greatly with mood and focus. Additionally, the gummies contain turmeric and carnauba wax, and the tapioca syrup which is what gives them the natural tropical flavoring that results in them having a wonderful refreshing taste.


CBDistillery gummies are vegan and made with malic acid that gives them a tart taste, kind of like that which you get when you bite into a pear. There are two main choices that a consumer can select and these are the daytime and nighttime gummies. The night time gummies contain melatonin, about 1.5mg per 30 mg CBD gummy to supplement the already existing melatonin produced by your body so that you can achieve a peaceful night sleep.

The producers of these gummies are so confident in their products that they are willing to provide a 60-day money back guarantee without the need to do any returns, if the consumer feels that they are not completely satisfied with the product that they purchased.

This confidence stems from the fact that CBDistillery have received a certification from the US Hemp Authority thus verifying that they have attained all the set standards with regards to production process. Their 30mg CBD per gummy eradicates the need to use several pieces to achieve your desired results.

Other notable attributes about these gummies are that they are gluten-free, allergen-free and kosher.


The CBDFx brand has a wide collection of gummies for a consumer to indulge in and experience. There is its original berry infused CBD gummies if you’re going for that simplistic vibe of CBD infused gummies and now, an improved health and wellness boosting line of CBD infused gummies in addition to the relaxation benefits previously experienced, that include turmeric and Spirulina that works as a superfood combo, Melatonin for sleep, Apple Cider Vinegar specially formulated to improve digestion, increase blood circulation, and smooth out problem skin and lastly Multivitamin gummies for men and women. All these gummies have a high potency of 50mg of broad-spectrum CBD per serving.

Premium Jane

Premium Jane uses the industry gold standard in extraction methods and that is seen in its implementation of Co2 extraction which ensures a high-quality end product free of solvents and chemicals. The gummies are made from organic hemp, are vegan friendly and 100% THC free. Each serving contains 25mg of CBD with each bottle containing 30 gummies each. They come in a variety of flavors therefore offering a variety of choices for the consumer to choose from. Some of the flavors are strawberry, mango berry and lime.

Our review outlined and discussed the top brands that we associate as high-quality CBD gummies for anxiety. It is our sincere hope that all the factors outlined here will go a long way in assisting you to make an informed decision based on what you feel is top priority and desired result.

Every consumer has different potency tolerances and views and it is up to you to understand your unique needs so that your goals with CBD correspond to the actual needs that you may have.

Whichever option you choose, it is prudent that you follow the checklist that we have provided that any verified dispensary is bound to follow, that allows you to conduct a type of due diligence that prevents you from dealing with unverified vendors.

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