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How to get smooth party-ready skin for a backless dress

Yet another party and you have rummaged the whole wardrobe but couldn’t find a dress to wear. Suddenly, you spot a beautiful dress stashed at the back that is perfect for the party, except it’s backless!

Well, if this is you every time before a party, festival, or special occasion, you are not alone. We all have that backless dress or deep-neck blouse. But every time we think of wearing these, one question pops up, “how to remove back hair? How can you get flawless, smooth skin?” Let’s discuss.

How to get smooth, flawless back

  • Make a scrub routine

 Not only back but for smooth, flawless skin, you have to hone the art of exfoliation. Grab a scrubbing brush or loofah and scrub your skin gently to remove dirt and dead skin and unclog pores.

In case you suffer from back acne, use a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide to soothe your acne. Exfoliate twice a week; this will help you get flawless skin in no time.

  • Use a moisturizer

 It’s a beauty rule you should follow to get smooth, glowing skin. Every time you scrub and exfoliate, apply moisturizer afterward to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Add a few drops of baby oil to your moisturizer, and together they will do wonders to your back. One more tip – if you are wearing backless attire during the daytime, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. It will make a huge difference.

  • Treat your back with kitchen ingredients

When life gives you lemons and oranges squiz those off for flawless skin! Lemons have a natural bleaching agent which helps brighten up the skin. Add a tablespoon of sugar or honey in lemon juice and apply to your back for 20 minutes before washing off with cold water.

Do this twice a week, and you will get beautifully flawless skin in no time.

  • Get rid of back hair

 Talking about flawless back, all your treatments and efforts will waste if you forget to remove unwanted hair from your back.

Now, skin hair removal from the back can get trickier if you are doing it on your own. While methods like shaving, sugaring, and waxing require assistance, using a hair removal cream makes it easier for you.

If you don’t want any assistance, use a long-handled brush to apply hair removal cream on your entire back and let it sit for the time as described on the pack. Once the cream is dried, try to wipe off a smaller area of your back with a damp towel. If the dissolved come off easily, rinse off the cream and the dissolved hair in the shower.

Getting a smooth, flawless back needs time and a proper beauty routine. Whatever beauty treatments you choose, make sure you start 2-3 weeks earlier to get the best results and smooth back. So you can move in your favorite backless attire with confidence on your special day.

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