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6 Ways To Reduce Body Weight And Shape Up

Obesity is a rising issue in the modern world. Most of the time, unmanageable lifestyle, stress, and improper diet are responsible for the increased body weight. Though some even claim it to be hereditary there are solutions to reduce the extra layer of fat that is causing serious health issues by regular fitness exercising and by maintaining a systematic diet. At BlocShop in Montreal, you can find several bouldering workshops offered in small groups along with one-on-one fitness training workshops.

Here are some effective ways of shaping up your body—

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an excellent way of enhancing fitness along with reducing weight. We never find any overweight person climbing rocks or a rope. But if you’re not that overweight and have the stamina to climb the rocks in the bouldering gyms, you can surely do it with the help of the fitness trainers.


There are multiple such gyms created an arena strategically with various ropes hanging from the ceilings and walls with small rocks. Candidates are asked to go up the wall for bouldering. This is an extreme form of cardio exercising without the use of any machine or equipment. Bouldering is an excellent way to cut off weight.

Hit a Gym

You can possibly follow the footsteps of the traditionalists and hit a gym where you can exercise with various equipment. The gyms have popular and experienced trainers that guide clients to work out properly and lose weight.

Cardio fitness exercises

Cardio fitness exercises such as running, walking, jogging, swimming are some of the best ways to reduce weight. You shouldn’t take any chance to do any of the workouts in haste if you have breathing trouble such as asthma. Avoid the rush and do it slowly so that you can workout per the rhythm of your heart and don’t give any pressure to your body to reach the goal. Everyone has a limitation.


Yoga, as you have heard of, is an excellent way to burn extra calories. You can attend the Hot Yoga or the Vikram Yoga to reduce weight fast and heal your body as well as the mind.

Diet control

Along with following a strict workout regime, you should be strict about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You must follow the diet chart given by your dietician so that you can cut off the extra pounds from your body within the given time you have aimed for.

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