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Medical Products For Male, Uses, And Facts 

Condom catheter 

It is a sheath-like device placed around the penis and is secured with an adhesive or a strap. The other end is connected to a small tube that makes its way to the drainage bed, which might be strapped to the legs.

Why should we use it? A condom catheter is a good way to collect the urine of males who do not have any urinary retention or obstruction. These males can use their hands to use the catheter by themselves. The risks of infections or damage of the urethra are less because of the use of catheters.

From where can I get a catheter? 

Catheters are easily available in any medical store. Do we need a prescription to buy it? Well, not usually, but some of the condom catheters need a prescription to buy it. You can use an online prescription or a handwritten prescription to buy it.

Or you can buy the catheter online. You can request a quote on a medical website and book a catheter. There is a wide range of catheters that one can choose according to their needs and convenience.

How would we know what size of the catheter we need? 

When you buy a catheter, you will be provided a size measuring guide through which you can select the correct size for yourself. If you can not decide between two sizes, always choose a bigger size.

Is catheter painful for men? 

Using a catheter can be painful and a little uncomfortable at first, but you will soon get used to it. You can use an anesthetic gel to reduce the pain in the area. If you’re still feeling discomfort even after long-term use, you can contact your medical examiner for queries.

Is there anything such as a permanent catheter? 

Well, catheters are only used till a person regains full control over urination. The catheter is mainly used for a short period, but there may be cases when it needs to be used permanently. A permanent catheter is generally needed in older adults or people with severe illness.

Do catheters fall out? 

Usually, catheters should not fall out, as it is held in its place by a small balloon. This small balloon is inflated with sterile water after the insertion of a catheter into the bladder. There are very rare chances of catheters falling out.

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