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Is Coolsculpting For You

Many people at some point in life are dealing with the excess fat tissue. That can happen during some very stressful period of life, or when people are not paying attention to their lifestyle, where they consume unhealthy drinks and food, while exercise is missing. For women, for example, pregnancy can bring big body transformations, which can be hard to accept.

Cosmetic surgery has designed many fat tissue procedures, where some of them are invasive, but you can also choose invasive procedures. One of the very well-accepted procedures is the best coolsculpting Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, as it is a non-invasive treatment that will help you reduce your fat tissue.

Freezing your fat cells

This maybe sounds strange and scary, but freezing is one of the options for reducing your excess fat tissue. How does this work? Freezing temperatures are penetrated into the deeper skin layers, where they will affect the fat tissue by breaking them down. The great thing about coolsculpting is that it will only affect fat tissue, leaving other tissue untouched.

Kill your fat cells with coolsculpting

The treatment is not painful, but you may feel cooling sensations. Your practitioner will use the vacuum that coolsculpting applicator has, and that will suck the skin above the fat area, which will make this procedure more effective.

As there is no damage to the skin and tissue, as coolsculpting is working on the cellular level.  You will be able to return to your everyday activities right after the treatment. The biggest change some people report is the soreness that is similar to the soreness after the instance workout. This procedure usually lasts about an hour, but that depends in the treated area.


At first thought, the good candidates are people who are generally healthy and women who are not pregnant, but there is more to it. Some other aspects must be considered before the treatment. For example, if you have a BMI of 34 and more you can’t undergo this procedure. If the person is obese, he or she will need to start a weight loss program before coolsculpting procedure.

This procedure is created to target small fat deposits. To decompose them, and removal of these fat cells will be done by your body.

The practitioner will evaluate if you are a good candidate

Patients with lymphatic system diseases cannot undergo this procedure. As we already said, your body has to remove declining fat, and that is done by your lymphatic system.

People who are not interested in the coolsculpting can consider some of the laser procedures. Today there are amazing lasers such as https://www.chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au/picosure-laser-treatment/ that can remove your tattoos, fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation, or for example SculpScure laser that will use heat for excess fat reduction.

Final word

Coolsculpting can cover many people who would like to reduce their fat tissue. The group of people who has some health issue or people who are obese should first deal with that before they undergo this procedure. Coolsculpting is safe after pregnancy.

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