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Factors to Consider to Minimise Scarring after a Breast Lift

You’ve seen the results of breast lift surgeries of your friends and have got encouragement to get the surgery done. However, you’re wondering about how the breast lift scars will look like. Let’s know.

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Can Breast Lift Scars be Avoided?

A breast lift surgery does involve incisions in your skin. Where there is an incision, there is scaring. Scars are nothing but your skin’s mechanism to build new tissues and heal the surgical wound.

However, if you are much concerned about scars, you can minimize them before, during and after the surgery.

A major factor in scarring is how much your cosmetic surgeon is experienced and expert in doing their job.

Carefully go through the portfolio of your surgeon to look at their previous work and its results.

Working with a talented surgeon can eventually lessen your risk of complications that further result in scarring. They can even instruct you on how to protect your skin after surgery.

Scar Formation also Depends on the Technique Used

Not all breast lift surgeries are same. Your surgeon will recommend you a particular technique based on the issue you want to address, and size, shape and sagging.

A rule of thumb is that the less your issues, the fewer incisions will you need and the fewer scars will you have.

Scarless Breast Lift

A scarless lift is the least invasive. Your surgeon will make use of a system of ultrasound or electric currents to heat up the fat cells and skin of your breasts instead of making incisions in your skin.

This results in tightening and firming of tissue, and forming the desired lift.

But though this technique is scarless, it works only for women who have minimal sagging.

Image Courtesy: pclscoffsharbour.com.au

Crescent Lift

This technique also causes minimal scarring. It includes only one small incision which runs halfway across the upper edge of the areola.

This also works for women with minimal sagging and not a lot of unwanted breast tissue leftover resulted from a recent weight loss or pregnancy.

However, this technique is usually reserved for women who consider the cost of breast augmentation in Coffs Harbour from PCLS Coffs Harbour and want to get the procedure done along with a breast lift.

Breast lift will boost sagginess whereas augmentation will increase the breast size. It’s useful to fill the usually deflated skin that occurs with ageing and weight loss following pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Donut Lift

A donut lift is recommended for moderate sagging. Just like a crescent lift, it will include only one incision so scarring is slightly minimised.

Lollipop Lift

A lollipop or vertical lift is meant for women who intend to get some reshaping and correct any sag. It involves two incisions in each breast for removing excessive skin and reshaping breasts.

Anchor Lift

Anchor lift is designed for significant sagging and involves highest amount of scars. However, it also addresses sagging and reshaping more efficiently.

It involves an incision along the breast crease, one between the crease and areola and one around the areola edge. Because of this extensive surgery, there is significant scarring.

You can minimise scarring by choosing the technique and choosing to get something like a professional breast lift surgery in Coffs Harbour. Happy breast lift surgery!

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